Apple recently launched iTunes Match, a service that lets you store your entire music collection (including music you’ve imported from CDs or downloaded elsewhere) in iCloud. It turns out however, you can also use this service to get album artwork for those songs in your library that don’t have artwork.

Part of what iTunes Match does is match the songs in your library with those that are on the iTunes Store. Once the matching is done, you can download a copy of these songs from iCloud anytime. As an added bonus, when downloading these songs back from iCloud, you will always receive a high quality (256kbps) version of your songs including the album artwork!

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Just how do you get album artwork for iTunes? In this article, I outline the different ways to do just this!

The number 1 way to get album artwork for iTunes is to use an automated software like Rinse that does all the hard work for you in no time at all. It’s fast, easy and works even if your songs don’t have the correct titles, artist and album names. In fact, Rinse will even correct the song information for you if you need it to. If you have many songs with missing album artwork, this is definitely the method I recommend to get album artwork for iTunes. You can download a trial copy here:

Download Rinse to Get Album Artwork for iTunes

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Delete Duplicates in iTunes

February 12, 2011

Another way you can improve your iTunes library – besides adding album artwork – is to delete any duplicate songs you may have. Duplicate songs in iTunes are very common, they may be:

  1. copies of the same song from different albums,
  2. copies of the same song from different compilations.
  3. or even different re-mixes of the same song.

The most efficient way to delete duplicates in iTunes is to use Rinse’s Fix Duplicates tool. It puts you in control of how to find duplicates and what to do about them. It lets you decide:

  • whether to keep or delete versions of the same song if they are from different albums
  • whether to keep the higher quality/bitrate or the longer length version)
Manage Duplicates in iTunes with Rinse - Screenshot

Options for fixing duplicates

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Rinse Coupon Code

February 3, 2011

Love Your Music

If you’re considering purchasing a copy of Rinse to sort out your iTunes Album Artwork, duplicate songs or song metadata, they currently have a Valentine’s discount on. Just click through to Rinse and use the coupon code LOVEMUSIC when checking out to get $5 off.


Use the coupon code LOVEMUSIC for $5 off your order

Discount valid until February 15th 2011.

If you have tried the get album art feature discussed in the last post, and you are still left with a few songs that still do not have album artwork, this post will explain how you can add the missing artwork to these songs.

Before I go into the details however, please note that this is a manual method and can be very tedious if you have still have a lot of songs left that do not have album artwork.  A more appropriate solution in that case would be to use an automated software solution like Rinse which is discussed in a previous post.  Rinse will successfully add iTunes album artwork to your songs regardless of whether the songs have the correct artist/track names or not.  In fact, Rinse will even update your songs with the correct artist, track and album names if you don’t have them or if what you have happens to be incorrect.  It does this by anaylsing the music itself rather than just looking at the file names.  By doing so, it knows which song is which even if the song has a name like Track 01 in your iTunes library.

Ok, so if after running iTunes’ Get Album Art feature, you only have a few songs that still don’t have album artwork or have the incorrect artwork, what follows is for you.

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Album Art Finder

September 5, 2010

This article will focus on the built in album art finder function within iTunes.  This method of obtaining album artwork is best suited to iTunes libraries that have all tracks correctly labelled with song names, artist names, album names, etc.  If your iTunes library is missing the song details (or has titles like Track 01, Track 02 etc), I would recommend using the automated method which I discussed last week.  That’s because iTunes’ built-in album art finder relies on the song information (artist/album name) in order to identify the correct album artwork; without this information to begin with, iTunes will be unable to find your artwork.

Ok, so if all your song and album names are in order, read on.

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iTunes Album Artwork

August 28, 2010

iTunes album artwork missing

Photo by Bobaloo

So, how do you update the songs in your iTunes library so that they display with album artwork in your library – and on your iPod, iPhone, iPad or Apple TV?

iTunes Album Artwork

iTunes Library with Album Artwork

Well, there are quite a few ways to achieve this, some more time consuming than others.

  1. iTunes built-in Get Album Artwork feature
  2. Manually adding album artwork image files to each song or album
  3. Automatically updating your complete library with album artwork with Rinse.

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Hi, welcome to! Don’t you hate it when you’re in the middle of browsing through your iTunes library and come across songs that don’t have any album artwork? I recently cleaned up my iTunes library and thought I would set up this website to provide you with information and resources to help you do the same with your iTunes library.

If you’re looking to update the songs in your library with iTunes album artwork, I hope you’ll check back here soon for more.  I will also be writing about the issue of multiple copies of the same song in your library and songs with missing artist names, song titles, album names, years, genres etc.

Thanks for reading, I hope you’ll find this site useful.